Needlepoints of View by Ralph E. Wileman
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Needle Points of View by Ralph E. Wileman

About the Artist

Ralph Wileman NeedlepointsWileman recollects, “Needlework came to my attention in my mid-forties. It was introduced to me as physical therapy for my right hand; a botched cast on the broken hand left me with a limited range of motion. It turned out to be good therapy as the hand completely recovered.” Ralph began with bargello, and quickly completed six chair seats, a number of pillows and then went on to tackle wall hangings and staircase risers. At first, books and kits were his references, but he soon became restless to be more creative. Today he creates his own original designs.

Ralph's abstract, brightly colored needlepoint canvases have evolved from his study of works by Paul Klee, Joan Miro, Jasper Johns, Josef Albers and other contemporary artists. What is striking about Ralph's work is its childlike fascination with the interplay of forms and shapes. The work seems spontaneous and appears to "just happen" by some miracle of the subconscious mind. Viewers are frequently amused and amazed.

Wileman lives in rural southside Virginia in a gracious renovated farm home on 140 acres of what was once a tobacco farm. In addition to enlarging the house to his own design, he has added a second building with a studio and office to accommodate his collections and art projects.